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1. It has concise line excision, rich texture effect and unique romantic style.

2. It comes like the early spring with lingering drizzle as well as the wonderland with varied dreams. The virtual and real artistic performance of the works is pitched at just the right level and achieves the same effect as that of the impressionistic works of the traditional ink paintings: reality exists in illusion and impression exists in the painting, and the serenity and peace as well as the humor and exquisiteness are fully shown inside and outside of the painting.

3. The block faces of stacked ranges are hard to cover the ebullient flowers and manifest the forthcoming eruption of hot passion.

4. The orderly wood texture is mild and natural, and is combined with hard and sharp iron material and shows the visual effect of strong contrast and exaggeration. The combination of pliability with toughness does also construct the rational three-dimensional space of visual sensory organ.

5. The chipper style, concise line excision and long lasting undertone make people can not help but think of the permanent totem left by ancient human civilization and call for the infinite longing on the mystery and romance again.

6. Magic cube—the oriental imprint full of old and mysterious flavor proves the unique cultural ethos again, and the ups and downs constructs the dignified and varied space effect.

7. The orderly circuit board is the product of the development of modern science and technology, which represents the time spirit of scientific reason of information time. The integrated layout and deep tone make people hard to ignore its classic charm and exhibit the unique beauty of the combination of science and technology with the classic style.

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